Company Information

Managed Hosting
Providing the best hosting, means we are constantly making sure our servers are working smoothly. Fixing potential issues is our job and standard before downtime causes you problems.

Building Construction
Data Center has redundant systems for connectivity, electrical power, air conditioning and fire suppression to ensure that your Internet presence is always available.

Biometric hand scanners.
Video surveillance
Security patrols through entire facility.
Secure, patrolled parking lot.
NOC access is restricted and guarded.
FM200 fire suppression control.
225 kva UPS systems.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps)

Network Details
High capacity OC-192 IP backbone provides speed, capacity and flexibility today while allowing XO to offer services that take advantage of future IP technological evolutions 

Peering infrastructure to the Internet with more than 100 private and public peering relationships, providing direct paths to all other major Network Service Providers so that your Internet traffic travels with peak speed


 Internet Service Hosting Provider

Find answers to all your questions. Guaranteed CPU cores which includes a managed network. Our solutions Guarantee uptime and speed  performance on your Hosting Account.

Uptime Network network is monitored 24/7 to maintain 99% uptime.

Peering Infrastructure

          OC-192 backbone
          2300+ on-network buildings
          Five data centers and a 24x7 network operations center
          300-plus DSL access points
          Total fiber: approximately 1,158,000 miles
          34 Nortel DMS-500 switches for local and long distance voice
          Sonus Networks soft switches for handling next-generation traffic