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11. The Secret of Dr. Flappe

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 41

Android 8 can't live in peace with a bomb waiting to explode inside his chest, and only one man can remove it: the strange old hermit, Dr. Flappe.



12. A Trip to the City

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 12

An old friend gives Goku a surprise lift into the city. The little man is looking for Bulma, but he finds himself in a back-alley street fight, instead.



13. Master Thief, Hasky

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 13

Goku gets caught in the middle of a lover's quarrel between Yamcha and Bulma, while the Red Ribbon Army hires a master thief to track down the Dragon Balls.



14. Danger in the Air

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 14

Hasky the master thief plans to ruin Goku's day at the amusement park by stealing his Dragon Balls and blowing up his friends. Can Goku stop her before it's too late?



15. Bulma's Bad Day

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 15

Goku and Bulma locate a Dragon Ball hidden beneath the waves. While Goku attempts to retrieve it, Bulma gets into hot water with the Red Ribbon Army.



16. Kame House - Found!

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 16

While General Blue tracks the adventurers to the Kame House, Krillin temporarily derails Goku and Bulma's search for the Dragon Balls with tales of pirate treasure.



17. Deep Blue Sea

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 17

As the Red Ribbon Army prepares to invade Turtle Island, Krillin, Goku, and Bulma run into some trouble at the bottom of the deep blue sea..



18. Roshi Surprise

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 18

The Red Ribbon Army storms the beach at Turtle Island, but it quickly discovers that looks can be deceiving. Master Roshi should never be underestimated!



19. The Trap is Sprung

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 19

With General Blue following closely behind, Goku and his friends search for Dragon Balls and pirate booty, but all they find are booby traps.



20. Beware of Robot

Season 2 - DBZ Episode 50

Goku and Krillin tangle with a deadly pirate android, and Bulma tries blast the mechanical menace to bits. Will her poor aim do more harm than good?



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